Your Complete Small Business Online One Source Solution

 As a bonus, to ensure all your marketing efforts are as effective as possible, you will also receive:


  • $200 worth of Professional Web Design - We build it for you! Not only is it important to get large volume of qualified traffic, it is also equally important to have a professionally designed website with inviting content.  No longer do you have to pay 600 dollars or more to a local webmaster to get a visually enticing website. Donít settle for a just another templated website with out any Custom work to fit your needs. Nowadays, you need more than $10 hosting to market and make your business a success. You need a professionally design website that conveys your message and motivates your customers to buy your products and services.   


  • Free website hosting with unlimited pages. Not sure how much space or web pages you need? Don't worry, you get completely free hostig with each search engine plan you choose. Take advantage of our free hosting and use as many pages as you like to describe your products and services.


  • Easy to Use, Hassle Free, Point and Click Visual Editor.  You also get a very simple to use interface that allows you to make any change to your website you like. You are in complete control.  No HTML, Java, or programming knowledge required.  Just point and click.  Of course you ever need assistance, just give us a call. 


  • Complete with useful applications such as contact forms, newsletters, auto-responders, calendars, photo albums, coupon pages, FAQ pages, statistics tracking, and much more. A web site isn't complete unless you have some functionality.  What do you want your increased visitors to do? Do you want them to call you, or fill out a contact form?  Do you want them to buy something from you?  Make sure you website is designed with applications that not only interact with your customers, but also keep them coming back to your website everytime they need your services.  Research has shown that customers need to see your message several times in order to act on it.


  • Free Domain name with 25 professional emails - ( and ( complete with spam and virus protection.  A professional domain name will let your customers know you are serious about their business.  It conveys that your are a reputable organization and care about your image.  Your emails should reflrect that as well. Let your customers know that you have a creditable dot com name,emails, and a reliable website. 


  • E-commerce/ Merchant account Ready - Now that you have increase qualified traffic to your site, and enticing web sales content on your website that motivates your customers to buy, it's time to complete the transaction online.  SearchGuia will completely assist you in intergrating your merchant accounts into your website to ensure there is no customer fall out at the time of purchase.  Did you know, most customers fall out when they are the last step before buying your products?  We help you understand why this happens and teach you how you can increase your conversion rates.  


  • Free Helpful Unlimited Professional Technical Support with easy to understand answers. More important than the customers you will recieve from SearchGuia Search Engine Marketing services, is the UNLIMITED LIVE phone support.  At any time, if you do not completely understand how to increase sales and customers from your website after you enroll online, all you have to do is call and we will show you how to use your website to maximize it's fullest potential.  Our knowledgeable staff will help you modify your website to achieve the results you are looking for.   From literally designing your website, to getting your site listing in the top of the major search engines, SearchGuia will walk through every step of the process.  Whether you need help adding/resizing pictures or need assistance in processing your orders from your shopping cart, You will get LIVE solutions from you account represenative in easy to understand answers.  Other web designers and local web masters charge you $70 to $125 an hour for technical support if they offer it at all.  Most hosting providers do not assist you in optimized web design and only offer support through email.  You deserve the complete package to ensure your online business is profitable.  After your enrollment, our 713 398-4983 UNLIMITED LIVE phone support is completely at your disposal.  Sign up today to have your keyword and web design specialist contact you with 24 - 48 hours to start getting qualified customer traffic and increased sales to your business. 

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SearchGuia completely understands your needs as a business owner to effectively market your website online.  We are committed to make sure you get the most qualified customer traffic possible through effective keywords and top placement on the major search engines.  More qualified traffic means more sales for your business.