Search Engine Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What will you do for our website?


A:  We will sponsor your website to get the best placement possible.  We will manage your search engine accounts to so you can concentrate on running your business instead of the daily monitoring that true search engine marketing requires.  We will also help by providing reports and analytical feedback to your website traffic. That way you can measure how well your search engine ranking improves and how much your web traffic increases.  Bottom line, we will help you get a better placement so you can get more visitors to learn about your services and purchase from you.  The more visitors you have, the more potential customers you will have.  Obviously, if they like what they see, they will call you, and you can close the sale.  Of course, the first step is to drive more traffic to your website.


Q:  What search engines we will be on?


A:  We submit your site to the top 30 websites.  We will sponsor you on all the major search engines.  They of course include Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL, Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, Open Directory and more.  Of course there are thousands of other search engines out there, but they are too insignificant to count.  What you want is top placement in most widely used search engines.  Thats where we will help you get the best placement possible to generate more guaranteed traffic and sales to your website.


Q:  Where will we rank in the search engines?


A:  That depends on the specific keyword.  The first step is for us to develop the keywords we will use for your campaign.  Then depending on what others websites are competing for that keyword phrase, you will get your placement.  Of course, a true search engine professional will never guaranteed you first position placement, but we will sponsor your site to get the best placement possible.  The rankings will also fluctuate when other companies add more resources to the search engine campaign.  Some keywords will rank higher than others.  We will be able to analyze what keywords work best for you.  The internet is a profitable means of advertising your business.  The reason why so many people invest in search engines is because there is a good return for your investment.  The great thing about our service is that we manage your search engine accounts and give you up to the minute advice that allows you to fully concentrate on running your business.  After you receive your welcome call within 24-48 hours, from your keyword specialist, you will know exactly where you will be placed.


Q:  What words will I be under?


A:  The first thing we do is to start researching and developing your keywords. After you sign up and provide us with your website information, your website will be submitted to the search engine launch team. They will analyze your industry and other competing websites.  They will also give you a welcome call (within 24-48 hours) and advise you what keywords will work best.  They will consult with you on adding or subtracting keywords as the months go by.   They also give you other suggestions on how to improve your online campaign.  Then they set up your accounts with the major search engines and sponsor your site accordingly. 


Q:  Is there a contract?

A:  Like all our web hosting products, there is no contract. But, like all advertising, it takes about 2-3 months to start seeing web traffic build up, depending on the nature of your industry.  The search engines are a great way for customers to find you when they need your services.    In that time, we will provide keyword analyses reports and continue to monitor the website traffic to see what keywords and methods works best to bring you the most customers.  Obviously, the sooner we work on your search engine account, the sooner we can get results for you.

Q: Is it expensive to compete with major competitors in my industry?


A:  Actually, with SearchGuia, it is not expensive at all.   Search engines are the most under used and under estimated source of prospects for businesses such as yours.  Remember, these are customers that are specifically looking for your product or services.  They are customers ready to buy.  You want to be on top of that list.  Many businesses do not realize the potential of the internet, in compared to other advertising methods.  Look at the cost of yellow page ads, TV ads,  or radio advertising.  This is advertising that target people who may or may not want your product.  With our search engine services, it allows you to focus your advertising resources to customers who are willing and ready to buy your products/services.  With search engine packages starting at $499 setup and $499 monthly, let SearchGuia assist you in making your online venture a successful one. 


Q:  I have seen other companies charge over $2000 for a lot less. How can you provide service so affordable?


A:  SearchGuia has automated the process of web hosting, design, and search engine marketing. SearchGuia has a search engine launch team that specifically handles different aspects of your website.  We have a dedicated team to work on the design of your website. We have Keyword specialist team to make sure you market the most effective keywords.  We have dedicated customer service and technical support staffs to ensure you fully understand how to use your website and answer any questions you might have.  SearchGuia has the years of expertise and knowledge to let you know what works and what doesn't work online. This has allowed SearchGuia to avoid the hassles of a local webmaster or the expensive costs of a complete IT department without loosing the end results or search engine rankings and sales you wish to achieve. 



Q:  Can I keep my existing website?


A:  Absolutely!  As added bonus, our customers get hosting and web design included. But you are more than welcome to keep the website you already have.  Our Search engine team will give you pointers on how to improve your current website as well.  The important thing is get more visitors from the search engines to view your website.


Q:  How soon can I start?


A:   As soon as you want to start getting new potential sales.  Remember, people are looking for your products and services today.  If you are not listed in top placement under the major search engines, they can not find you.  But, we guarantee that your competitors are coming up in the search engines, and they are taking away your customers.  Remember, it still takes about a week and a half to get your account active.  By this time next month, you will start noticing your increase in web traffic.


Join Now to have customers find you today!   A professional web designer and  keyword specialist will contact you within 24-48 hours to start providing top placement on the major search engines.



At any time if you have any additional question or concerns, feel free to contact us. SearchGuia has responsive and reliable Customer Service and Technical Support. We offer many convenient ways to get help setting up and managing your search engine and web site accounts


Reach your SearchGuia represenative at (713) 398 - 4983.